Verity Willis
With HUGE lips for some reason. :)
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Verity Willis and wide horizontal stripes. ♥
because I’m a knitter, I couldn’t help but think that these free patterns would make great Verity sweaters:
$5 in Paris (I want to knit this just to call the project 5 Minutes in Loki’s Apartment, haha!)
On the Beach (v-neck)

(images from Loki: Agent of Asgard #2 and #4 by Lee Garbett and Nolan Woodard.)

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guys…. am i doing it right?


guys…. am i doing it right?

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Verity Willis + text posts (inspired by this)

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Loki: Agent of Asgard + popular text posts

I already made a couple of these, here’s some more. I know they’re lame.

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"I.. My name is Verity Willis. Nobody’s ever lied to me. Because nobody can. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always seen through any lie I’m told, no matter how small or well-intentioned.. I was the only kid who never believed in Santa Claus. I was always the first to know. I can’t even watch a movie, any kind of fiction just… frustrates me. People talk about suspicions and disbelief.. well that’s not something I can do. So I sit around reading about pure mathematics, programming, physics, things I know are always true.. and I try to pretend that’s enough.. to lie to myself..and I can’t. I cant"

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I am also slowly getting caught up on this! Loki goes speed dating as part of a job for the All-Mother! He meets a young woman who sees through his lies!

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gurakruor inquired:

I wonder, if Verity were to be impersonated by an actress; who would be perfect for her?

I can only speak for myself, of course, but here’s my two cents. 

Verity has a few features that can be slapped on almost anyone. Red hair, tattoos, glasses, style. You can dye hair, fake tattoos etc. Other than this, Verity’s look is fairly classic. Lee Garbett draws her a little differently from panel to panel, but some things remain more or less constant. She has a pretty strong jawline. She sometimes (but not always) has a distinctive, almost aquiline nose. She has a good unimpressed face. These panels are good examples of all of the above. She has also been shown as not always super slim (although she seems slimmer in #4 and 5 than in #2).

The first person that came to mind was Gillian Anderson.

She’s too old now (45), but since we’re only speculating… ;) Might be my affection for the X-files as well, because Scully was always the voice of logic and reason.

Another strong contender who’s also too old is Kate Winslet. I think she’s a brilliant actress with a wide range of expressions and moods. Pictured below in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004).

My third pick is Kat Dennings. She would have been the obvious choice if you’d asked me after the second issue, because the first thing I thought when I opened the books was that it looked like Darcy Lewis from the Thor movies. If she could turn the ditzy into deadpan, then I think she’d be a very good choice.

Lastly, I’m going to go out on a limb and say Amanda Seyfried. I know nothing about her as a person or actress. I’ve seen parts of Mamma Mia! (2008), but only because I was forced to do so (I worked as a projectionist). Presumably she can sing, and I can totally see AoA as a musical, so there’s that. Looks-wise, she’s the closest I’ve found, I think. See example with glasses plus my extremely poor 30 second PS-dyejob below.

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Series: Part 3 of True Lies

Loki confesses a prank to Verity.

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Well, I read some theories about Verity Willis as a reincarnation of Sigyn. I don’t have a lot of idea about that, but creators said Verity’s grandfather has been in Marvel Universe before, and maybe he will make an appaerance in the next story arc. Did Sigyn’s grandfather appear in the comics in some time?

Personally, I’m leaning towards the simple truth, namely Roger Willis being her granddad. He’s about the right age (served in the Korean war 1950-1953), magical agelessness aside.

I don’t know enough about Sigyn’s origins to comment further on that, and my research has yielded nothing so far. If anyone else knows more about Sigyn’s family, feel free to chime in! However, I think it would be a really strange hint to give that her grandfather has been seen in Marvel before. Given Sigyn and Loki’s history, there are any number of other hints that would make more sense if Verity was actually Sigyn. 

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